Saturday, 14 January 2012

Finding inspiration

This is my special place in one of the gardens where I can think about things. This morning I took some photographs trying to look at this place of rest with fresh eyes. I especially loved the gumnuts on the floor of the garden - it wasn't until I enlarged the photos that the seeds became evident - another lesson about my perception of empty space.  This was reinforced by the hive of activity, literally, occurring in that place between the dried bark and the dead stump.  Almost an oversight, there are a number of ants conversing and scurrying before this afternoon's predicted showers and there's even a little winged bug resting under a leaf of grass (bottom  of picture, between 5 and 6 o'clock). An accident of camera settings and the dreamy play of light through the fimbriata also captured a sense of hammock and restful contemplation ... which is where I intend to spend the next part of this beautiful day.


Margaret said...


Here in my Canadian winter with forecast for snow, blowing snow and colder temps starting tonight, all of your garden looks peaceful and inspiring right now!

mel.forrest said...

Ali, your pause spot looks so delightful and peaceful :)