Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, Many Passions

Happy New Year and best wishes for a creative 2012 in whatever form that takes. One of the  ways I've held myself to account in that sense is through the SAQA Visioning Project which I joined in 2010. SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) is an organisation that, among many other things, promotes art quilts to the world. The visioning project is where members can commit to a particular project or task (perhaps a solo exhibition, or developing a website, carving out time to experiment, create a body of work etc)  and report back to the group each month by uploading into your visioning journal page. In 2012 I've committed to continuing my art studies and getting my website up and running. The ever-patient Brenda-Gael will be pleased about that! One of the reasons (distractions) that has slowed me down over the holidays has been playing with the fabrics Ankie and I rusted - interfacing that now resembles tanned leather, silk embellished with gold Shiva - it is veiling three stitched metal hearts (thanks Kate for the sheets of Pepsi-Max) and who would have thought the old meat mallet would come in so handy? Beaten Pepsi-Max sheets rule! There's also some Tyvek paper which was layered with wrapping papers and tissue paper - another distraction for which Beryl Taylor's "Mixed Media Explorations" is responsible. I'm also sharing the SAQA Oceania Representative role with Lisa Walton in 2012/13 - and looking forward to meeting many of the other SAQA representatives and members in Philadelphia this March.
This year I am also undertaking the Queensland Quilters Teacher Accreditation which has prompted me to progress a box of blocks made some time ago. I managed to get them all joined and now basted for hand quilting which I will be able to progress on my return to Cairns.  I could hear Ruth Stoneley in my ear every time I thought I had basted a quilt sufficiently well - "just another row" and so it went - this quilt top has been basted to within an inch of its life and well worth taking the time to do it properly.  Here's to your 2012 - may it be everything you want it to be - and more.


jan said...

Happy New Year Ali. You will definitely be a very busy lady this year - look forward to seeing your creations at 2QAQ.

Margaret said...

Happy New Year, Ali! I love the title of this post, for it's so very true -- there are many passions in the world of textile art, many ways to manipulate fabric, many avenues to explore, many things to study. May your explorations be blessed and joyful in 2012!

Judy said...

Interesting news