Sunday, 11 December 2011

Texture in the Torres

This week I've been privileged to return to Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. I came across this post at the main jetty - evidence of time and salt on the metal capping. The second picture reminded me of an aerial view of the Nullabor Plan under a full moon - the salt pans appear to shimmer - but it was my room sentry at The Jardine. So many ideas for art quilts - the challenge is to distill "the one"  idea and refine it - how is it related to my current theme? Is this idea taking me off on a tangent? Is it worthy of further exploration at another time and if so, will I live long enough to return to it? All these considerations need to be resolved ... but not today!

Shimmering skin

My room sentry @ The Jardine

Looking north from the foreshore

St Andrew's Church
Commemorating the Spanish explorer Torres (1606)

The view to Prince of Wales Island
Return to the Australian mainland


Kate said...

I particularly like the first shot - but the one of the mainland - that's special too...

Margaret said...

I liked the inspiration of the "shimmering skin"...envisioning a combination of fabric and embroidery and a hint of angelina fibre...Hmmm...

As for living long enough: I keep praying to make it to 150! LOL!

Judy said...


Sue Dennis said...

The first photo looks like a painting. Thanks for the insight, via the photos into TI.