Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pollen and petals

This week has been spent, sans Thursday Island, working through a 3D textile piece. Reverse Garbage (Brisbane) was the source of the furnishing fabrics - including some lush velvets and I painted some lutrador before burning holes in it with the brule burner soldering iron thing. Since lutrador ordinarily is applied beneath the lounge chair or mattress ensemble, for this piece it has been elevated in status and come out from "underneath". The stamens are beaded wire (thank you Ankie) and the pollen heads created from paper pulp before being painted with acrylic orange / yellow. Some additional beads were required to secure the pollen heads - then wire tendrils have been used to interconnect the stamens. I've been reading about the artists Wolfgang Laib (pollen and art), Anniken Amundsen (thinking about tendrils and toxins), Yoshiki Hishinuma (creating) new textiles using heat), and Cornelia Parker (the ability to suspend time).

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Ankie said...

yep that's it, looks great, keep up the good work Ali, xx