Sunday, 4 December 2011

Thread sketching

Decided to start this glorious summer's day with reacquainting myself with my other best friend - who has been untouched for a few months while I've been working from the Far North. I found a sewing shop last week in Cairns that will let me go and sew all day for the price coffee and cake - and I'm tempted! Had a play with trying to "thread sketch" some drawings from the last few days and experimented on some furnishing fabric (far below) before hooping some PFD and achieving a much better result. I got a roll of PFD from Lisa Walton @ Dyed and Gone to Heaven - a beautiful 220 thread count. I used black thread up top, and Superior beige bottom line on the bobbin.  Practise. Practise. Practise. I think the shadowing on the far bottom attempt is better than the hooped PFD version. It's early stitches ... and am about to head over to Ankie's for a cherished catch up before the TLC (Tarome Ladies Club)  Christmas get-together this evening.  Each month the ladies of Tarome gather on the first Friday for chin wagging and the kind of fellowship I like. Each December however, the menfolk are included and we have an end-of-year Christmas Party at Myrtle's. The  Christmas lights start going up at Myrtle's in August and each year Brian creates another unique addition to the previous years' efforts. In 2009 it was the 15' high champagne bottle that tipped sparkling contents into a champagne glass, 2010 introduced moving reindeer to the front garden  .... who knows what magic he's created for 2011. Creative people are simply everywhere.


Judy said...

.............never run out of ideas

Ankie said...

yep ,it is all about practice xx

chris said...

You're going great guns!