Sunday, 27 November 2011

Taking shape - Texture and the Visual Diary

What a stunning weekend - flew home Friday and didn't take the foot off the accelerator from the Brisbane Airport until I hit Tarome - a relatively quick trip and  and eternally grateful to the lady on board who felt unwell and managed to eliminate our holding pattern sequence. Thank you.  Just sometimes I'm okay with queue jumping.  Home again home again - so good for the soul and beats the bejeepers out of chicken soup.  This weekend I finally got to start exploring texture as part of a textiles unit at Curtin University.  From cardboard carton, to peeled and dried mushroom skin, silks, brocade, bathroom tile backing and a beer bottle cap - all evoke something that is the language of materials. It sent me racing back to Jane Dunnewold's Complex Cloth and Lyric Kinard's art + quilt - every time I read these texts I get something fresh and new from them. Just proof that you really are never too old ....

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Busy weekend