Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mossman Gorge and the Daintree

Mossman Gorge is accessed from the southern side of Mossman, about 10 minutes north of Port Douglas. There are a number of public access tracks ranging from wheelchair friendly to easy to moderate ."Moderate" includes climbing up and down waterfall like areas, a lot of uphill and down dale  rocky steps that required appropriate footwear. Made note to self about the footwear.  My only "complaint" would be that looking down to avoid tripping reduces the time spent absorbing the imagery of this unique and unimaginable place.  

 The Gorge is more than exquisite - and we walked the 3-4 km trails in the aftermath of rain. At times the magic and mystery of the forest was overwhelming - in a truly beautiful sense. I wondered if Tolkien had taken inspiration from rainforest.  Jeannie Baker's works came to life with each turn of the track.


 Moss laden rocks, stairways to the light, ancient networks of roots - the machine quilting patterns seem endless, especially the root systems, vines and branches.  Finally, some fungi that I could not do justice with the camera - brilliant black and orange against the nap of the mossy bark.

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Judy said...

WOW beautiful