Monday, 28 November 2011

Home is where the heart is ...

Edible garden (l) and the start of the native garden (r)
A few pics from recent times - and the answer to "what does the WMBM do all day?"  Let's just say ... I work with textiles, WMBM works with nature. There's always somewhere - a bench, a seat, a cool spot, a shady retreat for quiet reflection, sketching, peace.
From the top paddock (Mount French, Mount Edwards, Mount Alford)
From the top paddock the view is surreal - in the mountain kind of sense - and while we don't try to compete with Colorado for height - we don't get the altitude sickness - a happy medium.
Mount Frazer

Mount Frazer is to our north - and the Moreton Bay Ash provides plenty of shade under which it is so restful to simply sit, and watch the world of birds fly past.

Cool shade from the heat of the day

Cockatoos and Corella's love these

A riot of colour

An explosion

A favourite
Flowering on the branch


chris said...

The colours are just wonderful, Ali - our native flora is amazing.l

Sue Dennis said...

What a beautiful garden- you are so lucky! Welcome home.

Judy said...

OMG that looks absolutely beautiful
May we visit for a cuppa and deliver a gift