Sunday, 19 June 2011

A very important date

Earlier in the week, the WMBM asked me out on a date today which included lunch at the Dugie (Dugandan) pub. After that we headed the short distance back into Boonah and rubbed the plaque that commemorates the end of the line, literally, from the time when the railway used to run all the way out here from Ipswich. Then, treat of treats, it was into Mitre 10 to see Phil and check out sheets of ply for the wet studio area, look at the soldering irons, and get a few supplies for downstairs. Sponge pads, dust masks and the like.  And then there was this.  WMBM looking up and down at the crumpled remains of the list: Have you got everything?  Goddess: The thing is, when you shop, you proceed with military precision to the aisle that has the item on your list. When I shop, I cruise the aisles thinking about how each and every item could be used in the studio. I am only up to the third aisle." WMBM was last seen with the remains of the list, heading with military precision in the direction of the supermarket.


Judy said...

No Mitre 10 photo with wmbm circling the possibilities

Sue Dennis said...

Lovely date- but just proves how differently men & women think, about shopping & other things!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

ah, memories of our night at the pub. Good times. Loving your blog still.