Saturday, 18 June 2011

Art, Love and Life @ QAG

Art, Love and Life was  absolutely wonderful - as if there could be any other outcome? Apart from purchasing the catalogue, which we did not, no photos allowed. I can suggest a guided tour and a sense of wonderment will almost certainly result in a visit to the QAG. We had lunch with Steve Austin and his Bride + a few other ABC listeners who were fortunate enough to be selected for the tour and lunch @ QAG. What a hooty bunch they were and are. Not to be outdone, the menu was almost as impressive as the company - this is the passion fruit curd something or other enjoyed by Mum - I confess to being fascinated by the surrealism underneath it all. Maybe next visit .....

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Judy said...

That was a wonderful day
The exhibition was amazing and the lunch a fitting end
Art, good company and good food are a rich combination