Monday, 6 June 2011

Almost there ... the wet studio

First I went to the WMBM sheds (yes he has several) and did a "recon" of the possibilities. At this moment in time the lower two shelves still have "stuff" in them unrelated to a wet studio. No goddess needs to be that low tot he ground in any event. Next step was to position the table and other cupboard to maximise the light - it's a southern facing area so WMBM will get the electricians in this week to create a more permanent and safer working area. An old table has been converted to a working area and may still require a few bricks or similar under the legs to get a more ergonomically correct height. There are three laundry tubs made from ancient concrete - perfect for my needs - with hot and cold running water at the ready. Last, and most importantly, metreage (or yardage?) ready to take the plunge. Can't wait.


jan said...

Looks like a great place to have lots of fun

Sue Dennis said...

That is going to be a seriously good working area. Top loading washing machine is good for washing out dyed fabric- there is always some spillage!

Judy said...

Saw a good idea in an op shop where they had 4 blocks of on each table leg and the legs were let into some holes in the blocks..............very stable, safe and effective.