Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pocket challenge from The Thread Studio

Dale Rollerson is running a pick-a-pocket challenge through The Thread Studio. Apart from the "why not?" aspect, it seemed like another great way to stretch - so I gave myself a 6 hour time frame - and spent the first two going "nup" "no" and "oh dear"  and a variant of "blessed bovine" ... before finding a piece of fabric that lent itself to the double challenge! Using Madeira soluble a "shadow" dragonfly was created in black thread (actually it took two attempts)  and it was stitched to the pocket front - as if the source of light was coming from  the other side. The orange silk thread used to secure it was intended to diffuse the sheer black but it may just end up looking like really bad applique! Beads for berries and some green silk to define leaf veins .. add a 3-D leaf and butterfly. Lots of fun and anyone who would like to participate has until March 25 to create some pocket magic.(And apologies: the rules preclude me from sharing the finished pocket for now so here's the one from Dale's website)

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Anonymous said...

I was looking for all the detail that you had put in your blog and couldnt see it, maybe I should start reading from the bottom.M