Sunday, 6 March 2011

2QAQ April meeting and Quilts4London pennants

The old girl guide is coming out in me now ... be prepared! So in readiness for the 2QAQ meeting in April I'm getting ready for our pennant workshop supporting quilts4london where every Olympian and Para Olympian will receive a pennant made by a quilter or textile artist from across the globe. Imagine that. Some 16,000 pennants are needed. The wood turners of the world (not excluded by quarantine I presume) are being asked to make hanging rods, and the braid and cord people of the world are also working on tassels and the like .... the textile and timber Olympics perhaps? Perusing the gallery of the 600+ pennants already received I came across this distinctly Australian contribution - by our own Jan McPike, a member of 2QAQ. Titled "Australian Red Gum" the pennant comprises hand printed gum leaves, machine quilted and hand beaded. It is another beautiful piece by Jan. Back to preparations for the April meeting ...

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