Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Beading and journal covers

I'm thoroughly enjoying the beading course with Lisa Walton - and this week have added more to the surface of the journal cover. I did a HUGE amount of work on the sampler piece of fabric - and somehow in between tidying up after 2QAQ and Mark the Pest Control Guy arriving yesterday - I can't find it. Looked everywhere - in all the usual and unusual places - and there's not even a vibe that I'm getting warmer. That said, the studio is incredibly neat and looks like a real professional lives there.  I did comment to the WMBM  when I got home this evening that the house is just so beautiful and clean to come home to. He reminded me that it was always looks like this when I am away travelling. I'm still thinking about that one.

Update: Found it just, on the pinboard. Which probably says it needs a bit more "ooomph" if I could walk by it 10 times and not have it catch my eye ....

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