Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Jacob's Ladder and a wedding

The quilt top is taking shape. After scanning the soon-to-be-newly-weds invitation, RSVP and wishing well cards, several fabrics were created through Spoonflower. The colours used in the invitation documents formed the basis of colour choices for the quilt top. Combined with some "safe stalking" on social media, each fabric is linked in some way to the happy couple. Incorporating text and a request for yellow has required some rethinking and design changes. Even Riley the dog managed to make an appearance or two. Once completed, this quilt top is heading over to Barb Cowan at The Quilt Connection for a Barb's magic touch and professional finish.


Jane said...

Fantastic, wish I had thought of that for my wedding quilt! Might have bn easier! They are lucky

Unknown said...

Thanks Jane - I love the way Spoonflower (and similar sites) open another world and contribute to the uniqueness of the finished quilt.

Judy said...

wow its beautiful