Saturday, 11 January 2014

Dyeing and dinner

The rain chased us into one of the old sheds yesterday afternoon and WMBM built a small fire while I gathered the copper and the ingredients required for dyeing with onion skins. This time we used two metres of muslin and a very sheer cotton curtain dropped into the mix after the thicker fabrics had been in for an hour. It's hard to believe the transformation.  After an hour and a half of simmering away, the copper was removed and our evening meal cooked over the coals.  This morning the sun has returned. Did I mention our neighbours grow onions .... about 40,000 tons of them this season!

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Margaret said...

Ali, I take it the copper is your mordant and is in solid form (pipe?). Would other metals work as well with the onion skins? Love your results!