Thursday, 17 October 2013

Blue sky days

Last weekend was not quite Colorado, but close enough - clear blue skies stretching from horizon to mountain range and a most glorious Spring day. Over near the studio is a bougainvillea which hosts several wren nests - gorgeously spun with spider web and silk threads which I happily share. They evidence exceptional taste ....  once the newly hatched little people are out and about I'll post a few pics of home decorating al la Fairy Wren. Meanwhile, the vegie patch has been offering up plenty of spinach, zucchini and other fresh greens - perfect for pizzas and roasted vegetables.


Judy said...


Margaret said...

Your wide spring skies echo the broad vistas across our autumnal prairie! How wonderful to share the same sky in two diametrically opposite sides of the globe. :-)

chris said...

You have been working hard - see you in a couple of weeks - looking forward to getting home.