Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Creating texture - making magic

This started as a Sol Bread wrapper - and once the bread was consumed (it's as close to home bake as you are likely to taste) the brown paper wrapper was opened out - it's a bit bigger than A3 size. Add paint (acrylic or textile) and also paint a piece of vliesofix (slightly smaller than the paper size). Once it has all dried, bond the paper to some backing fabric - cotton, or in this case a previously failed experiment - anything really. Sprinkle some magic (metallic leaf, Angelina fibres) over the painted side then bond the vliesofix (webbing) to the painted side. Be ever so patient and just leave it to cool completely. Go make a cup of tea or something - don't get too excited and start peeling the backing paper from the webbing before it has completely gone cold.  It will be a little bit sticky when peeling. It will pull a bit this way and that. It will certainly leave a lovely textured surface! If too much glitz come off with the paper, heat the iron up again and just use the tip (through baking paper of course) to push some more glamour onto the background. Different variations can be achieved with acrylics or textile paints, adding water colours, creating a collage from old papers (just take care when heat setting that you work in a well ventilated area ... )

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