Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ceramic Patchwork

I joined thirteen other creative souls and Jo Davies, our teacher, for two and a half days of ceramics at Boonah. We started with a planning session on the previous Tuesday evening, then two full on days over the weekend. It can be a bit daunting surrounded by a so many creative people when you have no idea yourself. After sitting and staring blankly at the prepared board, and armed with a broken jug from my aunt, it all started to fit together. So this is about the jug pouring water back into Warrill Creek, which flows from here through Amberley and on towards Ipswich. The mirror represents the creek, with Cunningham's Gap in the background. It was a great way to spend a couple of days!

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katepang said...

I can't believe noone's commented on this! I LOVE it! It's gorgeous. I want to smash jugs and start right away! Well, maybe just the smashing jugs bit at the moment, as my other half just got whisked off to hospital in an ambulance while I mind the nippers. Fairly certain its not serious, but still v. worried.

Love Kate