Saturday, 29 September 2007

Mothers for Orphans Quilt

14 October ... Update on the MFO quilt ... 9 blocks down and another three under the needle. Yes - I started with 16, reduced it to 9 and now upsizing to 12.  Things will move along fairly quickly from here and start to look like a "real quilt" very soon.This is the first block for the Mothers for Orphans Inc Quilt - and it has to be finished in the next 4 weeks or so to be ready to start raffling it as part of the annual MFO dinner and fundraiser.
The queen size quilt features nine panels, made of 4 nine-patch squares. Within each nine patch, there is another nine-patch centre square. The four nine-patches are then split to form the larger block or panel. Six down, three to go. Then there are some coordinated borders etc .. but this is so much fun and an absolute joy to make.

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