Saturday, 15 September 2007

Colourwash with Blue

Am trying to get all those UFOs done ... the ones I've had put away and never quilted. This colour wash is one I made with the last fabrics I purchased from Ruth Stoneley's shop (Patchwork Supplies at Highgate Hill, Qld) before it closed. There are a couple I put away, either made in workshops with Ruth, in the shop or at some retreat. This UFO was one Ruth particularly liked. From the first, clumsy attempt at piecing, through countless quilts and quilt-like objects, Ruth was always there. It is still difficult to accept she is no longer with us. So in part because I now have the time, but mostly because she is still very much a part of every quilt I make, I owe it to Ruth, and me, to finish the "Ruthies".

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katepang said...

That is gorgeous! Blue is one of my perennial favourite colours. It is so nice to remember special people in the things that we make!