Saturday, 12 March 2016

Making cord - a texture treat

Fabric trimmings make great cord - roll one length as tight as possible without it buckling and hand to a trusty assistant to hold while a second piece is similarly rolled. Place the two pieces together,  ends together and without either piece unravelling, before rolling them together in the opposite direction. Roll tightly then let the newly made cord relax.  Knot each end. Uses include: couching and adding texture,  creating shapes such as spirals, use zigzag stitch to couch rows of cord to a background and frame / mount  on a canvas, edge pages of a stitched journal, join to make length suitable for crochet or knotted shapes .... endless possibilities for repurposing what would have otherwise been rubbish. Short pieces?  Tie together to make lengths suitable for rolling. Organic. Simple. Beautiful.

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ChrisD said...

looks a great idea will have to give fabric braids a go, thank you for sharing