Saturday, 1 March 2014

Out of the ordinary

Much of the past month has been spent on my entry for "Redirecting the Ordinary", a Studio Art Quilt Associates exhibition being curated by Alicia Merrett. The end product of many months of exploring the concept of "ordinary" and "extraordinary"  came to quite sudden fruition a few short weeks ago.  There had been many iterations preceding the exclamation of "it's finished!". I had a really clear idea of what I would do and proceeded along that path in fits and starts. There were many re-visitations to the visual diary to play with words, ideas and even the odd tea bag. Then came the "aha" moment somewhere between trusting an intuition and getting "real" with my work. That "aha" moment led to four furious days over two weekends to create something that has little resemblance to what was originally envisaged. That it has now been entered for jurying into an exhibition is a bonus - simply putting my work forward is reward enough - these moments in creating are exquisitely felt -and  a huge part of  the commitment to make great art. Thank you Neil Gaiman!

Below: an idea put aside - the ordinariness of tea - stitching tea bag papers to make a cloth comprised of friendships, dripping with conversation, writing the stories of tea and times shared.

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