Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Corn + Silk

Another one hour challenge. WMBM picked corn for dinner and commented how the husks must have a use - they were so paper-like, almost indestructible, had such texture and destined for the compost heap? The semi dried (but still flexible) husks were carefully ironed between two sheets of baking paper. They  were then stitched together, alternating thick and thin ends, to create a ground approximately A4 size. Some of the husks had begun to brown - the sweet smell of corn filling the room.
Left over hand dyed / printed silk scraps [already fused to vliesofix (fusible webbing) from a previous project] were cut into random shapes or torn apart and fused over the corn husk base. More vliesofix was applied to the back of the stitched husks and this was then gently fused to black tissue paper. Much greater stability achieved! When cooled, the silk shapes were outline stitched before strips of tulle (already fused and left over from a previous project) were applied across the silk covered top. An exploration of line. Lovely textures. Fun to play. A new version of corn silk!

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Judy said...

OH my love the colours