Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Early days of linoprints and wood cuts

I've been over in the studio for a few full days of just being in the studio. Precious and rare.  It's been a time of starting with naked lino and progressing to a final print through about 10+ stages of cutting - it's about challenging the comfortable way I work by having a set of rules (every time a bird flies past the window, every 35 minutes, every 46 cuts ...) and not when I'm necessarily ready to print.  Then a day with a piece of ply provided by WMBM - and a grevillea leaf saved from a fabric printing session. Can't wait to try these out on some PFD!
Lots of experimentation - burnishing in different ways. Then waiting for them to dry. Sigh. I've always said I'm a patient goddess.




Unknown said...

I love them Ali! Almost enough for me to get out the cutters and start creating!

Judy said...


jan said...

They look fantastic Ali. Are you using lino tiles?