Sunday, 11 November 2012

Reflecting on design and texture

Today has been a day for contemplation and a chance to think some more about design. I've been gifted  Ann Johnston's The Quilter's Book of Design and am looking afresh at some of the fabrics created on recent trips. This piece was originally rubbed in Auckland - the lift (elevator) doors and a copper Shiva providing a nice contrast to the flowing indigo lines from a previous pole wrap. The piece was then printed with leaves we found walking to the Auckland Museum.  I had also played with a piece of rusted silk and printed it with the same leaves as the indigo dyed fabric.  Today I fused the silk to webbing, then cut out the individual leaf shapes. These were then fused, in part or in whole, onto the dyed and rubbed panel.  I've enjoyed playing with the different scales and shapes of the leaves, plus the way the overlay of silk has given depth to the leaf shapes.  

Panel and printed organza


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Judy said...

A whole week of reflection and is profoundly good