Saturday, 1 September 2012

My Father's Shed #2

Work is progressing on "My Father's Shed" series. I'm happy with the basic layout  and now it is time to refresh my perspective. Once the piecing is completed, I want to further explore the use of text in art.  Plenty of drawing still happening in the visual diary  - and it helps me resolve many of the questions about what is the purpose of the piece?  What am I trying to say? What if  ...? How could it be said differently?  When to stop, stand back and see what happens. Developing a critical eye, becoming dispassionate without indifference. Finding the right level of detachment. One of the many benefits of being a part of SAQA and the Queensland Quilters Art Quilt group is getting to spend time with equally passionate artists and experiencing the osmotic benefit of participation. It provides a real opportunity to grow. Sometimes it's a party in my head ... and other times it's "back to the visual diary". It is always, however, a real joy to be part of these amazing groups of artists.


Sue Dennis said...

Hi Ali, have you thought about changing the orientation of this piece to landscape format? Just an idea for you to ponder.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sue - a great thing to ponder - still orienting on the design board - I do prefer landscape.