Friday, 3 August 2012

Finding the source

After a fruitless search for the original version of a leaf I recently took to a Sue Dennis workshop, I headed to "no-girls-land" up the hill. This is where a few acres are left as grass - inhabited by quail, coucal, kangaroos and slithery things in the summer. This weed provided a huge, hairy leaf which I pressed lightly then took to Sue Dennis's Leaf it Alone .  One person's pesky weed is a textile artist's treasure. Must pick and press these enormous beauties for future play - some of them are 30cm (12 inches) or more in length.   


Diane Wright said...

Your last post darn near made me weep...I AM going to need an OZ fix this next year after all. Keep in touch.

Judy said...

OMG I havent looked for several weeks and what a joy to see your stuff