Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wahatoyas of Colorado

The Wahatoyas are located near La Veta in Colorado and take your breath away as you drop into La Veta from Walsenburg. Buttes abound in this geologists paradise. This is a part of Colorado where big sky gives way to incredible sunsets and the suckering aspen prepare to turn in September. This piece is the "other half" of Bushfire and created \using similar techniques.

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Dulany said...

Hi Ali,
Have had a bit of a problem getting my comments to go through.
Anyway I love your new pieces, especially the GulfStreams 2 and Beyond, such great colors. You came to mind this past week when I got a commission to do a set of measuring cups with the Australian flag. Then Jude took me to a Drs. appointment.

Hope this finds you and your neighbors doing better on all fronts. New things on my website and new address

Fondly, Dulany