Sunday, 13 February 2011

Roasties ....

Last evening I was in charge of the oven. Me. In charge. Huge responsibility. For some context, I once offered to do some of the mowing (ride on style).WMBM said something like he didn't need help and he'd get on top of it soon. I insisted. Surely I could help and between us lessen the load. Long story short - the ride on was still near new, without a scratch and he'd hidden the keys. He didn't like that the push mower I use around the houseyard had acquired some white paint scuffs from close encounters with the front steps. Apparently it had been scuff free for nearly 10 years ... and then I started push mowing.  Hmmm. Why I would aspire to take on extra tasks around the place is something I didn't think about til much later. So the oven is something I don't really aspire to master, or mistress. However yesterday was my day. WMBM was out visiting and I was in charge of the oven.  Apart from us not eating until after 8pm it went rather well I thought.

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